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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Thrifty Sewing

I have been feeling a bit off colour of late but this has not stopped me from creating.
Let me be the first to admit that I have a thing for thrifting - is there such a word?

Below you can see the pretty dress I sewed for my gorgeous Grand Daughter...Miss Five... who, the other day, declared that now she's turned five...she no longer has bad dreams...instead she dreams about very helpful angels.  Bless her.

The front.

The back. (With zipper).

This is Style Kids Pattern #2838 
which I was lucky to pick up at a garage sale for free.  I'm so happy with the finished result because this has a zippered finish at the back and I was able to stitch in the zipper with absolutely no problems...my first truly successful zipper on a garment!

The zipper was finished off with a hook and eye.

Here is my list of fabrics and notions and their costs.

2 x red & white polka dot fabrics:  50c a piece from Glenbrook Markets "Front Porch".

1 x floral fabric: gifted to me by my neice (no cost).

1 x zipper: 50c (Purchased from Frou Frou Old and New in Springwood).

1 x Hook & Eye:  Hoarded for over 40 years (no cost).

1 x dress pattern:  Free from a local garage sale.

Total Cost: $1.50

Thank you for visiting.


  1. yes, we all say thrifting here in England too.

    I love that dear little dress,I bet Miss Five looks adorable in it!

    1. She loves it Kath. I have planned for her.


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