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Thursday, 25 July 2013


Yesterday I posted about my impromptu visit to Katoomba's iconic Three Sisters.
Afterwards, I felt a little guilty about the fact that what I presented to my readers was a vision of tranquility and beauty, perfect weather, and a perspective of 'all's well with the world'.
It is part of human nature, I'm sure most would agree, that we take so much in life for granted.

Yesterday I drove along Cliff Drive, - a roadway that travels from Katoomba to Leura along a cliff that looks out onto what has to be one of the most scenic outlooks in the Blue Mountains.  I wouldn't hesitate to say that it would be one of the most travelled routes in Katoomba due to it's spectacular views.  Normally I would avoid this stretch of road simply because it is a longer and windier road than alternate routes. I was in no hurry yesterday when I somehow found myself on Cliff Drive.  I knew where I was and that eventually I would find myself back on the Great Western Highway.

Along Cliff Drive, I was confronted by a heavy presence of Police, civilian volunteers, volunteers from the Rural Fire Service, State Emergency Service and the Bush-walkers Wilderness Rescue Squad.  

This winter, I've been very vocal to my family and friends about how the cold has been really getting to me. I was revelling in the accidental perfect weather only to be now confronted with the thoughts of what it must be like to be lost in the bush, for despite what my photos show, it was and still is very cold in the Blue Mountains. 

Gary Tweddle went missing from a Leura resort over a week ago.  He has been missing since Tuesday 16th July. Authorities have not been able to make contact with him via his mobile phone since the very early hours of Tuesday.

I will make no speculations as to his disappearance except to say; in 2009 on July 15th Jamie Neale was found alive after he was reported missing twelve days earlier.

So there is still hope for Gary Tweddle.  "Missing" poster are highly visible in every Blue Mountains Village.  One can only ask that he will be found alive and as well as can be expected after so many days and nights alone in the bush in the middle of a Blue Mountains winter.

At the moment, Gary Tweddle is part of my conversation with someone on a daily basis. Each morning, I check the news on the internet to see if he has been found. 

But today, today, I felt I needed to do more.  If I was a more experienced bush-walker, a fitter senior, I know I would be out there looking too. Even though Gary Tweddle is not a local, his disappearance has had such an impact on the locals that it's palpable. Everyone I've spoken to hopes for his safe return.  

Today, I've decided to light a candle for Gary, to ask he be returned safely to his family and friends. To ask that he be found. 

Lighting a candle has become my form of prayer. Over the years I have come to believe (after a period of cynicism towards 'prayers') that prayers are very powerful, that prayers come in many different mediums and forms.
I believe that prayer can take the shape of recitations of learned prayers, meditation, chanting, singing, lighting a candle, and much more. Prayer can be performed solo or in multitudes and anywhere in between.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all take a little time out today to pray for the safe return of Gary Tweddle?  

I know I will, and while I'm at it...I will also be thankful for the privileged life I have.

This is an excerpt from a Facebook Page set up since Gary Tweddle went missing.

Gary Tweddle, 23, went missing from the Fairmont Resort near Leura in the early hours of Tuesday morning after attending a function. After being separated from a group of friends, made contact via telephone to indicate that he was lost before either his battery was depleted or he lost service. He is described as having short brown hair, brown eyes, a fair complexion and around 165-170cm tall. Mr Tweddle was wearing a checkered shirt, a black jacket and blue jeans at the time of his disappearance. Temperatures in the Blue Mountains have been dropping into single digits overnight, with a low of zero degrees and possible snowfall expected for Sunday. Mr Tweddle is described as physically fit, with friends claiming that he would be well equipped to survive for a period of time in the bush. Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Gary Tweddle should contact Crimestoppers or Katoomba Police on +612 4782 8199.

Update: This operation moved to a recovery as of lunchtime today.  No longer is it Search and rescue.  

My thoughts and prayers continue for Gary and his family and friends.
May they remain strong and support each other during this difficult time.


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  1. I shall light a candle today for Gary. I am not a Christian, but I shall let my love and best wishes for Gary go out into the world.


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