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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Bed Bugs, Animal Print, Black Velvet and Oatmeal

Wow, what  a week it's been!
After a fairly relaxed Easter weekend with family and a total overload of chocolate (did I tell you I'd given up Chocolate for lent?) my week went into overdrive after receiving a phone call from Youngest Son on Monday night at 23.00 hours to tell me they had bed bugs in the apartment.  Bed bugs! can you believe it? In one of Sydney's most affluent suburbs!

Apparently Sydney is in the grip of a bed bug epidemic (and it seems has been for some years now).
The real estate agent and strata have not been willing to come to the party with sorting out the infestation even though we have since found out that at least four other units in the block have been treated against them.
I suspect that they hope that fobbing off tenants will be enough to ensure that they will not become liable for remediation but I know a couple who are determined to get their pest extermination fees reimbursed in full.
I spent Tuesday consoling one poor young woman who is devastated - her new bedroom furniture in (what she believes to be) ruins.
Every space possible was vacuumed, pest exterminator organised, clothing and linen hot washed and clothes dryer dried, and the unit left in disarray for the night while our son and his girl friend returned to the mountains for the night and returned home yesterday, Wednesday.
Wednesday afternoon I went dress shopping.
Our Eldest Son is getting married in less that three weeks and I still didn't have an outfit.
I have spent literally, months, looking for an outfit and I have finally decided on a Frank Lyman animal print and a Jersey Girl gorgeous black velvet pencil skirt.

Here's a sneak peak. I've opted for a black camisole under the flowing jacket with the fitted black velvet skirt coming under the bust in sort of an empire line.
This way I can wear a string of pearls to finish off the outfit.

And the oatmeal? Well this morning I spent an hour and a half, a glorious hour and a half having a facial and boy am I relaxed now!

How is your week shaping up?


  1. Bed bugs SHUDDER! Hope they get it sorted.

  2. Those bed bugs do not sound nice SP. Here's hoping something can be done about them - Dave

  3. I'm happy to say that my son has had some resolution...he has been granted permission to break his lease. He also hopes to be reimbursed for expenses incurred while dealing with the infestation.
    He moves to a new home this weekend.


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