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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Holiday Play With Miss Five #2

How to make a burst of joy (or how to marble paper)

Monday was another day spent with my Grand Daughter while her Mum was at work.  We were expecting visitors after lunch so that left us with a few hours to occupy ourselves so we got together a few craft items and here is what we achieved.

Take a can of shaving foam (a cheaper generic brand is fine, we used a can that was no longer wanted) and fill the base of a container with the foam. We used an old baking tray but don't use metal if you want to reuse...the foam will turn it rusty.  In fact don't use a container that you will reused for food because the fragrance from the shaving foam will penetrate your container.
Drip drops of stamp pad re-inkers (we used Adirondack pigment ink re-inkers colours: Bottle, Cranberry, Rust, Butterscotch and Denim) on top of foam and with a wooden skewer make swirls.  Do not over mix.

Lay appropriately sized cartridge or copy paper over top of foam until well coated (you will see colour bleed through to back of the paper).

Remove and allow to set for about thirty seconds. Using a plastic spatula scrap away excess foam and return the excess to tray.
Allow to dry completely.

After about fifteen to twenty minutes Miss Five was convinced that she had created enough "Bursts of Joy" (her terminology) and what she really wanted to do now was stir the 'splodge' until it turns 'brown'. (A most favourite activity for Miss Five as long as she has had the ability to 'paint'.)

To dispose of foam, scrap onto sheets of newspaper wrap and place in bin.
If your little Miss or Master can be convinced to skip the 'mix to a brown' stage the foam will keep for some hours and I'm sure has the ability to create numerous sheets of beautifully marbled paper.
Our marbled sheets will be kept for paper craft activities next time Miss Five spends the day with me.


  1. what wonderful fun (I cant wait to be a grandma!).
    I would never have thought to use shaving foam. I seem to remember years ago, we floated something on water (was it inks or oil based paint?), but this is a really good technique.

    1. Yes, Kath, I did this with my children using oil based paint floated on water in a wheel barrow. Rolls of brown paper were marbled and they used the finished paper to cover their school books. I still have bits of the paper floating around somewhere. This method is much more friendly when it comes to cleaning up.

  2. Another great fun activity Sweetpea. I loved doing crafty things with my kids when they were young - my son always did the mix all the colours up and then usually painted himself! I

    1. That's funny Helen. Even for me it was very tempting to stick my hands into the goop but because of the heat it was an indoor activity - therefore not allowed!


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