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Monday, 27 August 2012

Day 240/366

So, here are a couple of kangaroos visiting us while camping at Monto.
They were very shy.


  1. SP, are kangaroos dangerous animals in the wild? I have seen a picture of one attacking a man - Dave

  2. Dave, normally, kangaroos (& wallaroos & wallabies)are not dangerous in the wild. The problem is though, that most people think they are cute and furry and therefore should be fed human food. This leads wild animals, not just kangaroos, and includes birds, to become tame and dependant on humans and therefore can become aggressive towards humans especially if there is food around. The trend now is that feeding animals in the wild is not only discouraged but can also attract a hefty fine. Byron Bay lighthouse is plagued by magpies that steal food from unsuspecting diners at the cafe. A national parks and wildlife ranger told us these birds may eventually have to be put down because they are running out of zoos that will take them when they become a nuisance.
    My poor husband lost half a croissant to a magpie as he put it to his mouth. While that was happening, a parent was allowing her toddler to feed a magpie chick not 20 metres away from where my husband sat, despite signs telling patrons not to feed the birds.
    The other danger in Australia, is driving at dusk when kangaroos etc come out to graze and in remote areas can be quite hazardous. The 'roos become blinded by headlights, or simply confused. Hitting a kangaroo/wombat/emu/etc is usually fatal for the 'roo/etc and often leads to cars becoming a write off.
    I can tell you a lot more stories about our wild animal encounters during our 3 weeks of holiday, but I think you get the gist of it!
    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. They look poised to leap off. Great photo!


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