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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Day 305/366

I almost lost all my Trick or Treaters when I commented that I didn't know any of them (because they were so heavily disguised and scary).
On hearing this, they turned to go away...I guess their Mums had told them that they were not to take any treats from people they didn't know.
I had to quickly confess that I knew at least some of them!  Phew!  Otherwise I would have had to find other ways of distributing my basket of goodies.
My Grand Daughter got into the 'spirit' of things too and called around in her purple tutu.  That's what witches wear isn't it?

(Sorry about the revamped photograph...time has been very scarce of late.)


  1. Love the decorations!!! Happy Halloween!!! teehee glad you were able to give the candy away!!

  2. Nice to know your Halloween visitors were listening to their Mums about stranger danger and I agree with your granddaughter a well dressed witch would definitely have a purple tutu on hand for special events! :)


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