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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Day 302/366

Having lived in Australia all my life (except for a brief period as a five year old), I'm not very experienced with things Halloween.
But since celebration of the festival is becoming more and more popular 'down under', I have taken it upon myself to partake of the  trick or treat festivities. 
Last year I 'forgot' and the younger generation of our little estate by passed our house.
The practice for us is that if we wish to be involved, then we decorate our mail box appropriately as a sign that the children are welcome at that particular house. 

So today, I took some time out to pack little parcels for the children.
I found some little paper cups decorated with skulls at the bargain shop which I filled with lollies and packed into cellophane bags tied with spider web looking thread. 

Then I remembered the Christmas wreath I own and which I freshly decorate each Christmas and decided to decorate it for Halloween and to hang on our front door.

Unfortunately, us poor 'southerners' celebrate all our significant festivals 'out of season', so pumpkin is as rare as hens' teeth and quite expensive at the moment so I don't imagine that we will be carving too many pumpkins around here! 

I suspect, that because we have so little experience with things Halloween, an Australian Halloween will develop with idiosyncrasies that may bewilder Americans or Canadians visiting our shores.

What preparations are you making for Halloween?


  1. Wonderful wreath! How fun that you are embracing a holiday from another country....we American's borrowed it too! And we made our adjustments to it as I am sure Australia will.
    Today I am going to put out my Halloween decorations on our porch, a jack o lantern and my witches broom : >)

  2. Great Halloween goodies SP and I love the idea of identifying a Halloween Friendly house for Trick or Treaters. I grew up in England and we used to sit around a bonfire cooking jacket potatoes, telling ghost stories, waiting for all the spirits to rise up - I was always petrified that it would happen!


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