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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Day 284/366

Every now and then I make myself this tea to uplift my spirits.
I don't think that it's exotic or anything, but its fragrant aroma give me a boost.
The tea is simple to make; a pot of organic green tea to which I add some dried rose buds or dried rose petals.
If you try this, be sure to use food grade rose petals/buds so as to avoid chemically sprayed roses.
  I buy my rose buds from a tea house in China Town, Sydney.
In each tea cup place a teaspoon full of rose water, pour freshly brewed hot tea over and enjoy.

(This also makes a great iced tea).


  1. That looks good!! I'd like a cup too please!!

  2. Sounds a nice drink SP. I occasionally drink green tea on its own - Dave

  3. It looks very inviting and it makes a really interesting photo too :)


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