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Friday, 26 October 2012

Day 300/366

I took this photo during my lunch break.
Tomorrow, Surry Hills will celebrate with its very own festival.
Workers and stall holders were setting up for the Surry Hills Festival
Some of the post were yarn bombed.  In the background you can see mounds of earth which are from renovations that have been happening in the park over the past four years!

Every year, I promise myself I'll be at the festival and every year the date clashes with something else.
Guess what?  This year it clashes with two events happening closer to home.
Maybe next year?

(Only 66 days to Christmas?)


  1. Maybe next year...sounds like you had fun closer to home anyway :)

  2. Bummer it clashes??!!! That yarn bombing cracks me up!!

  3. How nice that Surry Hills has it's own festival !


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