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Monday, 21 November 2011

Upcycling - Christmas Cards.

I have a confession to make, that is I have kept every greeting card given to me, Mr Honey Pie and my children (while they lived at home) for over forty years!
Then one day I said to myself, enough is enough!

And I allowed myself to cut up the not so expensive Christmas cards and upcycled them.

Never wanting to throw out any of these cards I have remade them into Christmas gift tags to use this Christmas.
(Don't tell anyone, but most of the cards I cut up were my sister's.  She usually throws hers out but she gave them to me.)

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Why don't you stop by and say hi to Terri and see what others are doing in way of Christmas preparations.


  1. Hello Sweet Pea,
    I love your idea of making gift tags from old Christmas cards! I can understand not wanting to cut them up though : )
    Your tags are lovely. Thanks so much for sharing with us and joining in Deck The Halls Sunday.

  2. Thanks Terri, enjoyed linking. Thank you for hosting!

  3. Crafty idea and now you won't have to buy tags! Thanks for visiting my blog~

  4. If you have collected cards for 40 years, you must really have an impressive collection!!! We used to make our Christmas tags this way all the time when I was a girl, but reusing the cards from the year before. (back in the day when we saved everything to reuse ,,, before we became such a throw away society.)
    I've seen some really cute crafts you can make with crocheting cards together. And I have about 3 years worth or cards in a drawer that I have been saving so I can try it out.

  5. Micupoftea, well...I sold my tags! Happily making another 60!!!
    And GardenofDaisies, I do have an impressive collection...I guess some of my cards would now be classed as vintage! Hope you get to try out your crafty idea with the crocheting. To tell you the truth I'm using the KISS principle at the moment but maybe I'll try something a bit more complicated for loved ones.
    Thanks to you all for dropping by.


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