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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Baby Doll - Upcycling.

Vest and booties made from recently purchased Patons baby wool.(New.)
Pilchers made from left over teddy bear fur donated to my stash by my Youngest Sister about five years ago.

Carry basket fabric purchased at garage sale many moons ago.  It is curtain fabric.
I purchased Vilene (new) to reinforce the walls.
Coreflute was used to make basket base insert. This was salvaged from an obsolete sign I had made years ago when working as a consultant.
Mattress fabric was purchased at Reverse Garbage...one hundred percent Italian cotton.
Mattress insert was made from left-over quilt batting.
Broderie Anglaise lace, purchased new.
Ribbon salvaged from old baby clothing.
Gathering elastic (new).
Quilt and pillow fabric also from Reverse Garbage, as is basket liner (three types of fabric used here).
Lace on quilt and pillow is Kaiser Crafts scrap booking lace.(New).

Bouclé wool purchased for $1 a ball from St Vinnies.
Believe it or not, the doll herself is made from calico that I had purchased and cut out in the late nineties and never completed.
I found it when I went searching for the pattern I'd also cut out back then!

I had intended to buy some fabric markers to add features to the dolly's face but I found some permanent overhead projector pens from my teacher training days and used these instead.
I asked the assistance of my Angel while drawing on the face as I've had lots of stuff ups in the past when it came to free hand drawing. I insisted that she watch over my shoulder the whole time I was drawing and I'm happy with the results.
Decorating chalks (from my card making/scrap booking supplies)were used to add colour to Dolly's cheeks.

Nightie fabric also from Reverse Garbage...this fabric is divine.
I imagine voluminous folds of this fabric fashioned into a wedding gown fit for royalty!  The nightie is made from three different weights of the same fabric as there was not enough of one weight to make the entire nightie.

Dress and bonnet are made from cotton patchwork fabric left over from previous quilt projects.
Vintage lace purchased at St Vinnies was used to trim the dress.
Ain't she sweet?

Initially, I intended to use left over patchwork fabric, picking out bright colours to clothe the doll and for the basket and bedding.
But instead, I decided because in today's world a child's life is bombarded with bright colours and lights in every aspect of life from food, to toys to clothing that this dolly would be clothed and coddled in soothing, subdued, colours.
Dolly has been gifted.
Her reception has been cool.
After all she has to compete with a brand new bike (with training wheels), Dora the Explorer Doll, a brightly coloured jewellery box, sparkling jewellery, and on and on.
But today GD requested a swirly skirt for dolly. 


  1. Wow! This is so cool! What an amazing gift for your granddaughter!


  2. Thanks Arabella, knitting an 'angel top' with leggings for her too.


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