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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Julie & Julia

It's not often that I sit down at three in the afternoon to watch a movie all on my lonesome.
Julie & Julia was recommended to me by Youngest Son.
He said I'd love it.
Youngest Son is only twenty four years old but I think he is the most intuitive of my four children.
So, welcome to my first ever movie review.
In a sentence I loved it!
It is contemporary and historic.
It is funny and sad.
If I wasn't laughing I was smiling.  In fact I don't think I've ever smiled so much during any movie I've watched.
And in some very short bits I cried.
It's romantic too.
If your a blogger and dream of being a writer, this movie is for you.
If your a blogger, dream of being a writer and love cooking this movie is DEFINITELY for you.

Watching this movie stirred up many issues for me.
Since starting this blog, I have often asked myself why do I blog?
My first and foremost reason for starting this blog was because I enjoy writing.
I have journaled  for over twenty years now.  The reasons for this are many and varied.
Blogging has taken over from where my journaling left off.
Sometime people ask me why do I bother with blogging, that it's time consuming and what's the point.
In Julie and Julia, Julia unintentionally takes on a pen pal.
I sometimes liken my time spent blogging a bit like writing to a pen pal. As a child, taking a pen pal was encouraged. 
 I never did have a pen pal but I spent many hours writing to relatives, some of whom I'd never met. 
I have written poetry, and have had a few published in anthologies.
My first piece of writing to be published was while I was in high school when I sent off a composition (essay)  that I had completed for one of my assignments, to the Sunday Herald's Charlie Chuckles Club.
I received two dollars in payment for that composition.
Sadly, I don't have a copy of the composition.
But I do have a copy of the certificate I received with my payment.
It's unfortunate that it's not dated, but it's from the mid 1960s.
From the age of eight I wanted to be a writer and started writing a story in an exercise book.  
I don't know what happened to that book.
My first career choice was to become a journalist.
Mum said "no".  And that was that.
Life sometimes takes us on a weird and a puzzling journey - a detour even.
Under my circumstance could I have done anything to change my destiny?
Much has been written on this same topic.
I don't know the answer.
What I do know is that every day is the beginning of the rest of my life and while I am still able to take breath, then the opportunity achieve my lifetime ambition of being a writer remains.

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