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Wednesday, 9 November 2011


I think I went overboard with the bean sprouts!

Encouraged by the video link  which Leanne at Cottagetails Blogspot posted I have taken to sprouting beans.  
Never have I sprouted anything so well before!
So...if you have any favourite links to yummy recipes to use up my over-abundance I'd be happy to hear from you!  
Have a good day!


  1. wow you have had a good success with your sprouts! - My last lot went smelly & ended up ion compost.. too much water not drained out me thinks.

    Love Leanne

  2. Ohh, sorry to hear that Leanne.
    I'm finding that I don't need to leave water in the jars. I'm draining off all the water and what moisture's left is enough.
    And I'm sprouting LESS next time...hubby won't eat them and I've had to use some as green manure just to use them up!
    Unfortunately they are not everyone's favourite food.


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