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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Fizzy Fruit Lollies.

It's my BIL's birthday this week.  Normally we only exchange cards but this time I thought I'd surprise him with a card with a twist.  

I know he loves fizzy sweets so I bought this packet for less than two dollars at our local supermarket.
I printed out this graphic of a motor bike from The Graphics Fairy because he is a motorbike freak.
I used A5 size card stock and trimmed the sides to the same width of the label and then added  folds above and below the graphic.

Next it's only a matter of stapling the top fold over the original label to hide (but still accessible) and adding a hand written greeting to the bottom flap.

Fold up the bottom flap and there you have it; a card and gift in one.

Edit-23rd October: Australia Post did a great job of delivering the above gift to BIL so that it arrived in time for his birthday.
He said "it was the best birthday pressy ever".  I guess it helped that he didn't know that we knew that fizzy lollies are his favourite!

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  1. Hi I had to let you know this is a great idea. I will use this for Halloween for the grandaughter if you dont mind. I also have to tell you how much you look like my sister LOL. Every time I see your pic she comes to mind. Love all your creations and I use Graphics Fairy a lot too. Enjoy your lovely weather Hugs Vee xx

  2. Hi Vee, thanks for dropping by. Yes, feel free to use, I'm sure I'm not the first to use variations of this. It's a great way to label little home made Christmas treats too, which have been packed into cellophane bags.
    I appreciate your lovely comments. And...they say everyone has a twin somewhere in the world! LOL!


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