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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Fairy Party.

This weekend we celebrated Grand Daughter's birthday.
Hasn't my Daughter made the best cake?
I think she's done a marvellous job.
She has achieved maximum impact with minimum effort thanks to Glorious Treats Blog.

Of course the theme was "Fairies" and her little friends arrived dressed in their prettiest outfits (some brought along two or three changes!)
What beautifully behaved guests they were too.

They played games,chased butterflies (made of tulle) went on a treasure hunt and helped the Birthday Girl blow out her candles (the second time around!) And ate cake too of course.
I can't believe how quickly DGD is growing up.  I'm also amazed at how attached I feel to her.
As a child I didn't have the luxury of Grandparents and only now am I beginning to realise what I've missed out on.
Mr Honey Pie and I are so blessed to have her as well as our children in our lives.
What  better way to spend a weekend than with family?
Hope you had a special weekend too.


  1. What a darling party! Looks like the "fairies" had a fun time!

  2. Martha, after holding parties for 3 sons and a daughter over the past 39 years (OMG!), this party (for my Grand Daughter) was the MOST stress free party I've ever had at my house. Go Fairies! So beautifully behaved. Love them all.


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