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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Day 301/366

Thanks Costa for allowing me to take your photograph today.
It's a pity that my little Grand Daughter was a bit shy and wouldn't join you in the shot.
But she did recognize you and said to me: Nanna, there's the man on TV. 
If it wasn't for her I may have missed you completely!

I'm really sad that your workshops were sold out and that we could not attend.
I hope that another opportunity presents itself!

Festival of the Green
Springwood Public School

At the festival we also saw scarecrows 

one very happy pig

a very unusual hen

a goat or two


a guinea pig

and ponies.

We listened to ukuleles, and munched on chocolate cup cakes.

And that was all before going home to a birthday party for our Grand Daughter who turns five next week. 

This year's theme: Octonauts (for the uninitiated, read underwater/animal theme.
(And who said dogs don't belong underwater?)

The birthday cake

the table centrepiece

the jellyfish

the party hats with a difference

the animal infirmary
(yes, that's right, the animal infirmary)

the googly eyed fish piñata 

and for those of you who were wondering what the dyed pasta was for, brightly coloured shells for necklaces

and ten very happy little friends.

Are you tired yet?

I am!


  1. I love the melon centre piece, I must remember that next time we have a party!

  2. A wonderful post.
    The festival looks like a great day and a very Happy Birthday to your dear granddaughter :)

  3. PS I am so amazed that we are so far into our challenge now... It's gone by so quickly!!!

  4. And a good time was had by all? I think so SP. Those party arrangements looked great - Dsve

  5. How cool you got to met the garden guy!!! Love the animals!!! Wow what a great idea for a birthday party!! I'm sure fun was had by all!

  6. What a fabulous day for you all! Happy Birthday to your special granddaughter, her party looked wonderful :)


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