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Monday, 24 November 2014

One Four Challenge – NOV WK 4

Here is my final (WK 4) edit for 
Captivate Me One Four Challenge.
I edited my original in GIMP.
I kept my edits very basic as I'm still very much finding my way around the program!
My views around Week 3's edit is that the image looks flat and lifeless, so I wanted to add some light to this week's image.
Using curves I darkened the image a little and added more red and green.
Next was a filter of lighting effects and applying the canvas artistic filter.
I think the final result is much softer overall, with a touch of mystique and a drawing of the eye back to the floret.

I look forward to any comments 

I also managed to create, for the first time (!) a poll for you to vote a favourite if you so wish.

If you pop over to Robyn's blog, you can see all the other participants results (including Robyn's - of course!)

You can click on each image to enlarge it.


Week 1
Week 2

Week 3
Week 4

Vote For November Favourite


  1. Was a toss up between week two and week four. The colour won over the texture.

  2. Wow Doris! Im really excited by what youve achieved (and tried) this week!
    I found ot very hard to decide, also between 1 and 4, but in the end the texture and detail won me over with #4 ��
    Youve tried quite a few things here. Good on you!!

    1. I'm with you Robyn, 4 appeals to me the most. Enjoying your challenge, thank you.

  3. hard to choose which is my favorite .. whether week two or week four ... but in the end I went for two ... but am still hesitating :-)


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