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Monday, 10 November 2014

One Four Challenge – Nov WK 2

So many people have taken up Robyn Gosby's One Four Challenge and this week, Week 2  which was posted yesterday by Robyn, has already had a wonderful response.  It's making me feel very much like a small player way out of my field!  But it is a challenge after all and it has once more, forced me to look at the craft of photography and is now making me think more seriously at how I use the camera.

But since I have already chosen November's image, it's my photo editing skills that I have to concentrate on, and as I've only got Picasa to work with that is what I'm using.  I looked at Pic Monkey on the Internet today but decided that it's not too different from Picasa so will stick with that for now. But it has me now wanting to investigate other photo editing programs.

So, here is my week two photograph.

Using last week's image, I used the sepia process, increased the reds and then sharpened the image a little.

Here are the two images, side by side.

                                                         Week 1
Week 2

Now I'm off to look at everyone else's photographs and hopefully learn a little more about photo editing!


  1. No need to feel like a small player, that spot is reserved for me. :D I like your use of sepia, very dreamy-like end result.

  2. I thought I had commented but maybe it didn't publish! Beautiful work!! both original and sepia tone!!

    1. I'm already itching for Wk 3...December even...

  3. Mmm, I commented too, but not here!
    I love what youve done here Doris. No-one is a small player ��
    Popping around the blogs people are starting to mention names of editing software.
    GIMP is one. Comprehensive and free!!
    Sorry my previous comment went missing - glad I came back to check ��
    Hey Doris, you might need to start up a WP blog too �� There is an awesome community!!

    1. Thanks Robyn, for the encouraging words and the suggestions. I took a look at Foto Sketcher last night and had a play around with it and plan to have a look at other photo editing software too. Although Picasa is good, it is pretty basic and therefore limiting.
      I have noticed that more people seem to be using WP...but have yet to get my head around that! Lol.

  4. Picasa is a good starting point Doris. Ive noticed people are stating to mention what they use which is helpful. There are many editing programs available and plenty of free trials for them too.
    If you do want to try a WP blog, Im happy to help. You can make it private until you learn to drive ��
    Looking forward to your number 3 this week!!

    1. Thank you Robyn...your offer has been noted!

  5. A lovely second process .. I just noticed you use Picasa too ..I know what you mean about wanting to experiment new editors - I've found it very versatile but wanted to try some new stuff so I've been experimenting with Pixlr as well (especially for their collage app which works way better than Picasa) ... this is a really great photo btw.


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