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Thursday, 20 November 2014


My African violets need bright light to flower.
This morning's light was especially bright, as Sydney and its surrounds geared up for another scorcher.
The maximum temperature at our house reached 36.1 'C.  The humidity is very low, (at the moment it is around 31%. Tomorrow, a total fire ban will be enforced. 

African violets like a humidity level of about 50-60%, so I have had to put them on pebble lined trays to try and raise the humidity a little, especially since the air conditioner has been on for most of the afternoon.
During our on-again-off-again temperature spikes, I have been watering the African violets almost on a weekly basis.
So, I watered them again today,since the soil was dry. The pebbles ensure that the roots of the plants are not sitting directly in water and helps raise the humidity at the same time.

Since the light was so strong this morning, I kept the translucent window blind down until the afternoon.

I'm very happy with the way the violets are progressing...so many are coming into flower.
Once the blooms open, I sell them on an on line garage sale of which I'm a member.

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