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Monday, 17 November 2014

One Four Challenge – NOV WK 3

This week, I used the week 1 image and opened it in Fotosketcher and in drawing parameters I chose expressive brushstrokes.
Because I'm not feeling confident in Fotosketcher, and knowing what I could achieve in Picasa, I saved the image and re-opened it in Picasa where I converted it to black and white and then sharpened the image slightly, increased the shadows and added a bit of warmth to achieve the effect of an ink drawing.

Week 1
Week 2

Week 3

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There you will find how the challenge works, how you can join,if you so wish, and other participants' work.


  1. I like this painterly version alot!

  2. Doris, I like this version too... The tones are great!
    Another successful edit this week ��
    I left a comment earlier this week, but I see it has gone astray again... I do hope this one works.

    1. Robyn, hopefully internet is back to normal now.
      Thanks for your comment, yes, love the tones, but I'm thinking it's a little flat this time around. Have downloaded GIMP and playing with that. Let's see what next week brings!


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