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Thursday, 17 October 2013


My what a day...Little Miss Five was evacuated from her school due to a bush fire which burnt down a building on the parish grounds. Our family waited for six hours to be reunited with her at 8 p.m.
The entire school was evacuated to the local shopping centre where the kids ate doughnuts and drank bottled water.
We are so grateful for all the teachers and staff did to keep our children safe and for the emergency services' bravery.
We are just beginning to receive news of friends' houses that have been destroyed by fire. Some streets have lost up to ten houses.
We, luckily, were not in the direct line of the fire.  But even from where we are...it looked pretty scary.
Thankfully, the weather is predicted to be a little more kind to us tomorrow.


  1. Just thought if come and check if you were all ok. Must have been scary to know little miss was evacuated, and until 8pm! Such a long time for a little one. Hope the weather improves today and you're all safe. Sorry to hear about your friend's houses. Our thoughts are with you all.

    1. Thanks for your concern Anna. Yes...so close but yet so far...thankfully all went well in the end. News now coming in of so many homes lost...


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