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Sunday, 29 September 2013


In a little corner of Sydney, amongst the concrete, skyscrapers, steel, and glass is a pocket of tranquility called the Chinese Gardens of Friendship. 
On our recent visit to Sydney we had not intended to visit the gardens. As the three of us, that is myself, my daughter and grand daughter walked by, the entrance to the gardens aroused Little Miss Five's curiosity. Since our main aim at the time was to find somewhere to eat, we ventured in, firstly because the garden boasts a tea house, and secondly the entrance fee is minimal. 
Little Miss Five loved the gardens. She had her point-and-shoot camera with her and took many photographs.
Me, on the other hand, found my eye drawn not only to the tranquil scenery of the gardens but the juxtaposing of them with what is beyond the walled garden.
I hope you find the following scenes as beguiling as I do.

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  1. what a beautiful garden! a real breath of fresh air in a busy city.


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