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Friday, 18 October 2013

Smoke Screened Moon

After yesterday's 100 kph winds, scorching temperatures and low humidity, today was like a jackpot.
Temperatures in the low twenties and very little wind meant none of the devastation witnessed yesterday.
None the less, today,another school needed evacuating and the fire, finding a new route, threatened homes above the area affected yesterday.
My Daughter, Grand Daughter and I took temporary relief from the media onslaught by driving down the mountain to do some shopping which had been delayed because of yesterday's incidents.
Our Little Miss Five said yesterday was the scariest day of her life. 
At school, the children literally left their half eaten lunches behind, their back packs too, and walked three kilometres with their teachers to the safety of a local shopping centre.
There, Donut King served the children doughnuts and Coles distributed bottles of water and cupcakes as well.
Their school's principal lost the family home.
I have this instant found out that friends of ours are overseas and we're pretty certain they have lost everything.
Our youngest Son's friend's family home was totally destroyed, along with the sister's wedding gown...she is getting married tomorrow.
Another friend...we haven't heard from.
Our Daughter's friend lost his home, he and his girls have nothing except the clothes on their backs...
And here I am...totally safe, with all my belongings, all my family, and I feel so bad to be able to say this...

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