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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Day Six

All very quiet here at the moment.
Rain is expected.
Unfortunately, along with it may come high winds and lightening.
The next twenty four hours are cause for some concern.
I'm doing a cat evacuation this morning and then heading off to the city to stay with family.
To all my New South Wales friends and followers keep safe.
As you would know a thirty day state of emergency has been declared for all of New South Wales.
My grateful thanks to all the rural fire services personnel and volunteers who have worked tirelessly and continuously since this emergency began.
I'm feeling guilty about leaving...like I'm jumping ship.
But last night I attended a community meeting at our local Rural Fire Brigade and listened as one officer told the meeting that the best way to help was to prepare our properties as best we could and to leave early rather than later and have to be rescued.

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  1. Please don't feel guilty, the emergency services would want you safe and away from the danger zone. We have been following the news as best we can, here in England, although updates are short. We heard about a fire fighter who returned from an exhausting shift, only to find his own home destroyed. It broke our hearts to imagine this happening.
    Stay safe xx


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