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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sydney Monorail

It's school holidays here in Sydney.
Last Tuesday, (yes, I know, I'm very behind with my blogging), Little Miss Five (soon to be six) and I took the train into Sydney to meet her Mum at college where she is studying nutrition.
Afterwards we went to Darling Harbour.
On the way we came across a part of Sydney's history.
It doesn't look very exciting does it?  It's not in one of Sydney's most beautiful sections.  Sort of in the back streets, very near Paddy's Markets, China Town and the Sydney Entertainment Centre.
When Little Miss Five saw it, and its significance was explained to her, she started to cry.
This is what's left of what Sydney-siders have come to know as The Monorail.
Its existence has always been controversial.
It began service in 1987 and in July this year it was decommissioned. 
When we explained to Little Miss Five that the Monorail no longer runs and that it's being pulled down, she started to cry and said; I wish I could have had one last ride before they pulled it down.
Sadly, I think I would have liked one last ride too, but when I read about its demise it was already too late for that.
I must admit, I have never been a fan and in its twenty six years of service I have been a passenger twice, the last time with our Grand daughter. 
You can read more about The Sydney Monorail here


  1. Hi Sweetpea,
    Glad you got a photo of it before it disappears.
    I think I went on it about 5 times. It was fun but trams are better
    regards Ian

    1. I loved the Sydney Trams before the Motor Car's popularity won over Ian. I must admit I'd never felt drawn to the Monorail.


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