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Friday, 27 September 2013

Success and Failure

I may not be able to grow vegetables, but I never have any trouble growing cymbidium orchids...a sure sign spring has arrived are these blooms...

In the eighties, gardeners I knew lamented how difficult it is to grow cymbidiums.  A neighbour gave me a 'pseudobulb' back then, which I potted and grew and I haven't looked back since.  That one bulb has resulted in countless numbers of plants which I have gifted (and more recently sold) over the years.
This year I acquired a yellow variety which is yet to flower.
Unfortunately on getting the plant home I noticed that it is infested with scale insects which I'm now wondering if I can treat, or if I should discard the plant right away.
The last time I acquired a scale infected plant I struggled with it for many years until I gave up in despair and put it in the bin.

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  1. they are just gorgeous! I'm guessing they have an orchid perfume?

    1. Now that's a good question Kath! I had to check this out for myself...they have a very subtle scent, but I don't think this one is one you would grow for its perfume.


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