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Sunday, 18 August 2013


Last month, Mr Honey Pie and I made soap.

I love making soap. We don't make it often enough and usually wait until we have absolutely no soap at all and we have to buy it for personal use and then one lovely customer will send me an email and ask for another kilo or two.

That's when we know we have to make soap.  Which is what happened this time.
So we made soap. We made oatmeal soap with chamomile and lavender essential oil. We made rose petal soap with rose geranium essential oil and pink clay. We made lavender soap with lavender essential oil and lavender flowers. We made baby soap with just a hint of lavender and chamomile essential oil.
And then we let it cure.  We cut it. We let it air so that it could dry out a little more.
The house was filled with luscious aromas of the various essential oils.

One day, about a month after we'd made the soap, Mr Honey Pie sat me down and said he wanted to ask me something.
Mr Honey Pie NEVER says to me: "Honey, there's something I want to ask you."
That is, not until about two weeks ago.
He sat me down and he sat next to me and said,
"I've been thinking, what if I finish painting the kitchen and dining room?"
Well I was flabbergasted, firstly because I thought he had something life shattering to ask, and secondly because, well we only started painting the interior of our house well, like two years ago and everything came to an abrupt stand still...just like that.
I had seriously been considering getting in a professional painter and decorator, even though Mr Honey Pie is a professional painter and decorator.

Anyway, to cut a long story short...we painted. Or should I say Mr Honey Pie painted.  (I did help by rolling one coat of the main colour while he cut in.)

But before we could pull out the stinky cans of paint, the soap had to be packed carefully away, wrapped and boxed, to ensure no contamination with the paint fumes. 

Thirteen years ago when we had our house built, we chose neutral warm colours...mainly creams.  In the kitchen, you can see here, we painted a feature wall a sort of coffee colour.

In our previous house, the colours were sort of apricot-pink.

So far,the guest bedroom, the study, the two bathrooms, the lounge room and the entry have been repainted.  This time we chose blue as our main colour.

It just feels right.

But I'm not sure about the blue feature wall in the kitchen.  I was hoping that it would be darker.  But we've decided to live with it for a while and if we can't live with it...well, we'll repaint it.

And among the painting, we  hosted a birthday dinner for our Darling Daughter.
Our gorgeous Grand Daughter gets so excited about birthdays.  If she could have her way, she would have a full on birthday party for every member of the family with bunting, balloons, scores of guests, music and on and on.
But for today, she had to contend with paint fumes and a very messy dining room.
She had so much fun that her mum messaged me tonight to tell us that Miss Five was laughing in her sleep!
Well, we can't wait for the morning to find out about her dreams!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Miss Five!!!
    I've always wanted to make soap, lye stops me??


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