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Monday, 12 August 2013

A Weekend Story

I'm only a week late posting about the great day we had last Sunday with our Second Son.

He has caught the African Violet bug off me and has them growing all over his apartment, including under glass on his balcony.

His African Violets are taken from cuttings off my plants.

Mr M is a jeweller. He makes jewellery from throwaway materials. Above are some of his experimental pieces which he made from shrunk polystyrene.  (Propped up in front of his child hood box of wooden blocks.)

He is also a bit of a bower bird, littering his rooms with all sorts of interesting objects.

He served us up some smiley shortbread biscuits.

And made coffee,and tea.

This green mug is a Fire King vintage glass mug - our son collects Fire King pieces.

I made some GF choc brownies (nut free too).
Sorry about the quality of the picture, I'm still learning how to use the point and shoot camera!

Afterwards we went for a walk to Marrickville Markets.  But I didn't take any photos while we were there...simply didn't think of it and we were too busy eating a delicious late lunch.
After that Miss Five was rewarded with a play in the park.
She has turned into some kind of climbing whiz in the past year!

Above is The Vic On The Park at Enmore.

Below are some of the sights we spotted along the way back to the apartment.
(I just love the inner west of Sydney. It's such a vibrant place.) 

The walk from Newtown to Marrickville was a good twenty minutes there another twenty back so Miss Five was a little tired but she managed to stay awake on our drive back to the mountains in time for a quick dinner of bacon and eggs before she went home with her Mum.

We add a few veggies to our bacon and eggs; like tomatoes, broccoli and zucchini. It's not something we have very often but it's a great meal when we need dinner in a jiffy.

Do you ever have bacon and eggs for dinner?

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