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Saturday, 17 August 2013

August Moon

I find that the closer it is to a full moon, the better my baking.

After two days in bed, feeling quite exhausted, I woke today feeling a whole lot better.  Which is just as well.  I really have to just take one day at a time and make the best of the good days.
After shopping at the markets for fruit and vegetables I spent the afternoon baking.

It's our daughter's birthday on Tuesday so we will be having an afternoon tea for her tomorrow and then she will have dinner with us.
On Tuesday, it will be a mother and daughter afternoon tea in one of our local coffee shops...yet to be decided.

I'm finding that when I bake cakes and biscuits now I stick to a few basic recipes so I hope you're all not getting sick of seeing my gluten free lavender shortbread, and my nut free, gluten free chocolate brownies.

This is the usual black forest brownie cake, a round one this time...waiting for ganache which I will do in the morning.

I've packed a few of the goodies for DD to take home with her afterwards.

And here's a close up of the pot holder I made a few days ago...it's a 'practise' square that most quilty people would turn into a mug rug...I'm not into mug rugs (yet) so I made a pot holder.

I'll include a trio of fat quarters with the foodie goodies...I purchased these for DD a couple of months ago and I coveted them so much I couldn't find them because I'd included them with my stash! 

I know she'll love these fabrics - just hope she can find some time to fit a bit of sewing into her busy schedule.

Some years ago, Mr Honey Pie and I decided that we wouldn't buy expensive gifts for our now adult children.  Rather, we give them a small gift and some cash.  This way they get to have a little of their 'inheritance' now and use it as they see fit.
Mostly, they have spent the money on buying themselves expensive items they would not normally buy for themselves.

And I know our Youngest Son is saving up for a very special piece of jewellery...


  1. OOh I am useless at baking, my husband makes the cakes in our house. Your brownie is making my mouth water!

    1. Kath, cooking is not my favourite pastime by any means...but, someone has to do it and my hubby certainly isn't that someone! I used to buy my cakes from the local bakery...until I realised how much more economical and healthy they'd be if I baked them myself. I just need to psyche myself up for a couple of days before hand!

  2. They all look so yummy..love how you stitched the pot holder...I should try some of those to practice!

    1. Thanks Christine. I've also used my little quilted squares for making dolls' bed quilts. I guess it just depends on what fabric I've used. This one seemed better suited for the kitchen.


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