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Monday, 12 September 2011

My Sister's Birthday.

My Baby Sister is a photography fanatic (and turning forty nine).
Once again, I'm scrap booking a journal cover - this time one with black pages - to give to her for her birthday and I've tagged it 'Photography Journal'.
Thank you Karen at the Graphic's Fairy for helping me out with graphics.
I created a collage with TGF images and printed out on A4 size buff-coloured paper. You can see how I created the rest here.
I've made a card to match.

Do you like the bead necklace? I estimate the little left over bit to be over forty years old.  I've kept it with my button collection 'just in case'.  (Yes for almost forty years.)
It's so hard to throw things out!  The moment I do I go searching for them.
Eventually I find a use for them.

Happy creating.


  1. I love the necklace on this. Stopping by from the graphics fairy. :)

  2. A.i.B. thanks! My sister loved the card so much she is thinking of framing it, especially after I told her how old the necklace is. Thanks for stopping by.


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