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Friday, 9 September 2011

All Before Breakfast - Teddy Bear.

This little bear was inspired by Kate @ Foxslane blog spot
Kate keeps an inspiring blog about her life as a crafter and farmer's wife.  Recently though her whole family has taken the road trip of a life time.  Give her a visit.
Well, my little bear looks nothing like the original pattern found here by Rachel Borello Carroll. Why? 'Cause I always like to take the easy way out!
In my search for wool I found two little squares I'd knitted years ago when testing my tension for a jumper I would knit for Second Son. They make perfect little bodies for bears. All I needed to do for this little one was add limbs and ears.  Because mine is larger than the original (by about an inch)I decided to stuff the limbs.
Do you like Lavender Bear?
She is first of a few...will fill you in later.

Now, to have breakfast, oh dear, or is that lunch?

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