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Sunday, 31 May 2015

What I'm Reading ATM

I haven't kept up my reading list on this blog, my last real post on what I'm reading at the moment being in January 2014!  
So here's a bit of a catch up, while noting that this is not a complete list of what I've read in more than twelve months.
At the moment, here is what I'm reading.

I discovered three of Doreen Virtue's books at a book fair held at the same venue as my regular farmer's markets and I have fallen head over heals in love with her words! I read all three of her books in like...three days maybe?  Given I was unwell at the time I guess that's no surprise.  Her Messages from Your Angels has become my bedside companion and I read a 'message' or two each night before dropping off to sleep.
I managed to pull myself away from Doreen last night and began reading The Noodle Maker of Kalimpong (a mother's day gift from Mr HP). The Noodle Maker is the Dali Lama's brother...I will keep you posted.
Written In My Own Heart's Blood I commenced reading well before Doreen Virtue's trio and well, the heart of the matter is that I'm finding it difficult to get my teeth into this book, even though I've been told it's a great read.  I guess I'll keep you posted on that one because it's been relegated to the "I never finish reading a book" list and I might give it another go after The Noodle Maker of Kalimpong.
Following are books I have finished reading sometime in the not too distant past.
I love reading historic novels and The Templars gives an insight into the power of the church through the ages and describes the rise and fall of the Knights Templar.  It can be very "text bookish" but I enjoyed the read.

Year of Wonders is written from a woman's perspective and tells the story of Anna Frith, a housemaid, as the world around her disintegrates, and a village is cut off from the outside world in an attempt to control the plague.  It was somehow apt for our times because I was reading this novel at the same time as the Ebola crisis was unfolding in Africa.
Mr HP gifted me The President's Desk and My Story at Christmas.  It was his Kris Kringle choice for me.  I think I had mentioned how much I would like to read both books because I'm a dedicated fan of both Shaun Micallef and Julia Gillard.

Well, what can I say about both these books? Firstly, you have to be aware that Shaun is a satirist and The President's Desk is certainly satirical!  Based on historic events throughout American history Micallef turns fact into uncertainty! Not being a great American historian myself I continually questioned myself as I read...did that really happen that way, or did it not? If you are not great on American historical facts I suggest that you be prepared to 'google' as you read...something I wish I had done as I read the book.  On the other hand, some things Micallef writes about past American Presidents are so ludicrous that one could think they are reading the latest Men In Black novel!
At first I doubted whether I would actually get stuck into this book but I persisted and by the end of it I was hooked (I'm a closet MIB fan, so maybe that helped)and will read it a second time to get things 'clearer in my head'.  I know Shaun Micallef won't mind me saying this...but one has to remember, while reading the book, that he is a little deranged and I just love him for it!  He is, in my opinion, a genius entertainer and perhaps his talent comes across best on television.

I guess, like Micallef, you're either a fan or not a fan of Julia Gillard (former Prime Minister of Australia).
I love Gillard, and as the first female Prime Minister of Australia I believe she was mis-understood and I think her biggest mistake was to not sack the former Prime Minster Kevin Rudd during her term.  But that's probably another story.
The book is an easy read and takes you into the machinations of Australia's Parliament.
Then there's Ken Follet's Pillars of The Earth on which the TV series is based.  I am a fan of Follet's but I found this read, although enjoyable, a little lacking in definition and whether this is because I had watched the TV series before hand (which I found very detailed) I'm not sure.  The characters in the book were a bit airy fairy in my opinion and perhaps to read it again, now that the TV version is out of my head might give me another opinion.

Child 44 and Mailman of the Birdsville Track are only two books on my "to read" list!  I am too scared to go and search out the books on my library shelf waiting to be read for fear of giving myself a shock!
Never before in my life have I had so many "books in waiting"!

What are you reading at the moment?


  1. Great reading list! I have so many books lined up - my librarians hide when they see me coming! I loved Year of Wonders. I also loved Geraldine Brooks' People of the Book. I love historical fiction, especially where an item, in this case a book, is followed through its history. I will be having a look for some of the other books you have on your list.

    1. Hi Jayne, so nice of you to visit.
      Well, I guess I'll have to add People of the Book to my reading list ... and The Pink Suit(!) Lol.
      When I was younger I never envisaged having a reading list, especially one as long as my arm!


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