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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Time To Take Stock

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, or visit only occasionally, you will have noticed that my posts are becoming less and less frequent.
I wrote my first post on January 30, 2011.  I find it hard to believe that I have been blogging for over four years now.  
For some months I have pondered on whether I’m worthy of continuing along the lines I have been.  
My initial objective was to use my blog to practise my love of writing.  Have I achieved this objective?  I’m not sure.  Why do we write?  Primarily, we write to communicate.  
Since my first year in school I have been enthralled by the written word.  My earliest memories of the school curriculum involve everything about the written word but nothing of arithmetic.  
Aged eight, I began scribing my autobiography.  I’m not sure what happened to that ‘book’, the words of which I scribbled into a school exercise book.  From an early age my first choice for work was journalist but in the early sixties many vocations, especially if you happened to be female, became nothing but pipe dreams as the reality of your social status, your family’s economics, ethnic origins or other such things, preceded you.
Does my blog display journalistic qualities?  Is it autobiographical? 
The answer to these questions is - sometimes.
Mostly my blog is informative, entertaining and educational.  Sometimes it is personal, sometimes it is autobiographical.  
I struggle with ‘exposing’ my personal experiences not because they are my personal experiences but because they may also be the personal experiences of those closest to me and perhaps this is why I blog about the things I do (…craft, gardening, cooking, etc, etc) because I don’t want to make public the lives of others.   
But had this been my original intention?  I don’t think so. 
Over the past few months I have blogged what I think are “obligatory” posts.  I post because I feel obligated to my few followers and the occasional World Wide Web surfer who may come past my blog.   
Personally I’m critical of blogs that are not ‘signed off’ or removed from the web when they so obviously are no longer active.   
So I’m going through a bit of a dilemma as to what to do with this blog. 
I would therefore just like to let you know that at the moment, I’m contemplating whether I should continue along the lines I have been or what new direction this blog should take, or if it should continue at all.  


  1. Hello D. You know, I love the opportunity to have these glimpses into the lives of my friends on other countries. Their weather, gardens, their plants and indigenous animals are all different. I like to see what people make and their cute grand children. Like you, I don't share my personal life, or those of my friends and family. Someone said to me, just write about what happens and that proved to be good advice.
    If you want to reflect in a more personal way, maybe consider a blog where readers have to be invited to join?
    Hope you are having a nice day, I always like it when you visit and comment x

  2. I hope you keep going with your blog even if you only make a post occasionally as it is interesting to read about what you have been up to. regards Ian

    1. Thanks Ian, well, it looks like I will continue at least for the time being. I have lots to blog about but it's also about making the time to blog. Nice of you to drop by.


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