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Friday, 12 June 2015

Birthdays Galore

In our family, June is big on birthdays.
As my remaining siblings, (all sisters now) and I get older, I find it's more difficult to buy birthday presents for them. 
So I have taken to making their gifts and only making them something I know they will use. 
Here is what I have made my Twin Sisters for their birthday this month.

For three years running I have made them a bunch of cards.
Since Mr H.P. has spent up big on card making supplies for my Mother's Day gift this year, I thought I had better make good use of them.
Above is a sample of some of the cards I made.  The ones above are for the older of the Twins. (Ha! Ha!)

With the cards I include envelopes (of course),a sheet of postage stamps and a nice pen.  Then I place all of these items into a useful container, this year a tin which I purchased at the Hippy Shop in Springwood.

The New Age Markets (aka The Hippy Shop) is a shopper's heaven!  Be sure you'll find a gift for any occasion. An hour or two could easily be spent behind the five-shop-fronted emporium!
A warning though...if you spend too much time in there, you're bound to come out smelling of patchoulli and sandalwood...so you can't hide where you've been!
 (I'll put the link up later as it seems to be busy right now.) 

Above you can see a few of the cards I've made for P, the younger of The Twins, and at the back is the tin I will put the bundle into.

I hope they like them, but most of all, I hope they find them useful.

Two days after The Twins' birthday my niece L. turns eighteen...or as she says...she turns "legal", as in Australia, 18 is the legal age for drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco and voting.

Above is the card I've made for L.
I've tried a new technique, using white embossing powder (this one is called Seafoam White and has a bit of a pearlescence to it) stamped on baby blue card stock.
The butterfly was stamped on black card stock and embossed with the same embossing powder and then cut out with scissors before mounting on card using foam tape. 

I'm also trying my hand at word cards but I'm feeling a bit uncertain about them...so maybe more about them later.

Four birthdays down...four to go...in June.
(By the way...February is our busiest birthday month).

Do you have a month that is jam packed with birthdays?


  1. Wow, they are amazing! And what a great idea. Everyone uses cards but I would never have thought of making them as a gift. Yours are so beautiful. I love, love the tin you have for P. I love anything vintage.

    1. Thanks Jayne, we are such a big family I know the cards will be well used. I hope you get to make some to gift to your family and friends.

  2. Pretty cards! Love L's one with the embossing - really makes it special. Lol, guess you can't just "sneak" into the hippy shop for an hour or two :).

  3. Thanks RobynLouise. Coming up with new designs for my cards is a great challenge which I enjoy. The Hippy Shop on the other hand is a challenge because t's hard to walk by as I'm always tempted to see what's new inside!


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