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Monday, 16 February 2015

Let It Go...

I have to let go of the guilt, the guilt of living in a full figure, the guilt of having a sweet tooth!
I love sweet, I hate bitter. Everyday is a struggle to not eat sweet.
It comes to a point, after days and days of not eating sweet I splurge on sweet.
So, quite by accident I found an impressive blog called frugalfeeding.  I was searching for a meal makeover using leftover veal and found this and it lead me to this.  I figured I don't need to feel too guilty about eating sweet when there's like a total of 50g of added sugar in the whole recipe. (I skipped the sugar-sprinkle-while-warm).  The currants add their own level of sweetness.  
I turned these into a gluten free treat by substituting the plain flour with gluten free flour (Orgran Brand) with no problems at all.  They were sooo easy to make. 

I'm enjoying these right now with a cup of Earl Grey tea.


  1. Oh my, I can just taste the melty flavour on my tongue... Yes, I am another fuller-figured gal, I like to think of myself as amply curved LOL
    I dare not bake, as I would just eat the lot, not in one go! but certainly before their "use by" date. I love it when I visit the homes of my neighbours, where I can treat myself to just one slice of something delicious and leave the rest behind when I leave!

    1. I'm chuckling to myself Kath...the only plus to my 'amply curved' figure is that it is an hour glass figure! And I do feel guilty when people drop in unexpectedly and all I have to offer is liquid refreshments! But alas like you say...whatever I bake is used up well before the use by date anyway.


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