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Monday, 9 February 2015

Let It Go

De-cluttering is proceeding slowly but regularly in our house.  Yesterday, in typical east coast high humidity weather, I took refuge in the cooler underfloor regions of our house and cleared a few spots in Mr HP's Man Cave.  Wow - what a jungle of electrical cords, power tools, nails, screws, nuts, bolts and so-much-more exists beneath our floor boards!  
I found this interesting little gadget: 

As you can see from the docket (which was safely stored inside the storage box), 
we purchased this item on 09-09-90 for $50.50 from our local mower store (still running strong I might add).
It connects to a 12V car battery (usually the one in your car) and sharpens the blades of your chain saw.
Mr HP couldn't remember the last time he used it so it was added to our 'to-sell' pile.
Our local on-line "Garage Sale" page showed a lot of interest and it was sold last night to one of my very regular buyers who is now also a friend.
 We will receive a grand sum of $5.50 for it.


  1. Oh your DH's clutter sounds just like the contents of my husbands office. Why do they keep every wire, cord, plug and lead that comes into their possession?

    1. Kath, I told him we have enough to start our own scrap metal business! So funny!


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