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Friday, 6 February 2015

Charging The Batteries

Mr HP, our Daughter and Grand Daughter and myself managed to get away for a few days to refresh our batteries before the school year is in full swing again.
It's been a tough start to 2015 and I've been feeling very tired.  It was a great few days of relaxing, walking, eating, and simply having fun. 
It's so hard to believe that our Grand Daughter is now in her third year in school.
Her favourite pastime is reading...a girl after my own heart!  We travelled everywhere with a small library of books!
Her preferred book at the moment is The Big, Big, Big Book of Tashi and it creates quite an impression tucked under the arm of a seven year old, let me tell you. Since it's a collection of Tashi's tales, Little Miss Seven allows herself little breaks between stories to read other books.  As you do.

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  1. I am jealous of those blue skies! Grey and damp here on the Isle of Avalon


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