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Sunday, 7 July 2013

WIP - Quilt As You Go Update

Remember this quilt? I forgive you if you don't.  It's been twelve months (more) since I started making this quilt.  It was for my baby sister's fiftieth birthday, last September.  And I'm still not finished it. The biggest obstacle I encountered was returning to work for six months last year. 

I just thought I'd show you how it's looking. Hopefully, the next time I post pictures they will be of the finished quilt.

I do love it and I'm hoping that my sister will think it's been worth the wait.

Above is the back of the quilt, with the binding to join the sections together pinned for hand stitching.

 The wonderful thing about quilt as you go is that it makes machine quilting manageable because the quilt is constructed and quilted in smaller sections.

It also means no hefty charges for quilting - something I'm finding more and more difficult to fund.

Once I've finished hand stitching the sections together, all that will need to be done is add the binding.

I'm not sure how well you can see it in the photographs, but the quilting has already been done.


  1. lovely work! I have never tried QAYG but it sounds like a very sensible way to quilt a big quilt.

  2. It's beautiful! Such a special present. I started making a quilt for Mtilda before she was born and I still haven't finished it. I decided it would be special to Ahmed quilt the top. Well 5 years on and it's not feeling so special anymore. I will finish it though. Eventually.

    1. Yes, Anna, I think we all have at least one of those quilts! I know I do. Thanks for dropping by.


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