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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Rubber Duck

We took a trip to the city today.

To Darling Harbour to be exact - to visit the Sydney Aquarium.

An underwater world exists below
 Sydney Harbour.
Where dugongs - as large as cows - eat nothing but lettuce...


sharks entertain...

Water men look surprised...

Children are enthralled...

Outdoors again

Storks continue the theme.

It was all a bit of a reprieve from the overwhelming heat we've been having. 
It felt exhilarating to get out of the house, to join holidaymakers in Sydney.
Mostly, I've been housebound because of the heat and low humidity.

And we weren't the only ones to make the most of it!



  1. That's funny, I am just watching "Jaws" with my son and his lady.
    I love the dugong, I have never seen one before!

  2. Great photos Sweepea, I love the Dugong and his menu :)


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