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Monday, 21 January 2013

Rock Art With Miss Five

Today's activity with Miss five called for some improvisation.

I wanted to do some rock art but I couldn't find my stash of garden rocks which I know I have hidden away in a safe place, so safe that I can't remember where it might be.

So, my improvisation lead me to using some dominoes that I had stained with tea a few years ago for using to make a mini domino book.

These were left over.
They are not plastic but a very hard almost stone like material.

The dominoes were laid out on a baking sheet and placed in an oven set at about 150 oC until quite warm.

On the ready were an old towel and a bunch of crayons.

Put the two together...

When the dominoes had run out we had to try the real thing and I found this piece of sandstone in the garden.

There is something enthralling about melting crayons on hot rocks.

Afterwards we awarded the ponies(who had behaved beautifully while we worked) with ribbons and a prize gold cup.

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