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Monday, 28 January 2013

Post Australia Day

Lamingtons are a traditional Australian cake.

Squares of sponge cake are dipped in chocolate icing and then coated in dessicated coconut.

I made these in a gluten free version.
It's the first time I've made lamingtons from scratch.  When my three older children were in primary school the mothers used to have fund raising drives by making and selling lamingtons at the school. We bought slabs of cake from the bakery and turned them into lamingtons.  Boy were they a hit.
These ones are a hit too!
I wanted to make them for Australia Day proper (26th January) but the weather has been too much to handle.  At 43 degrees centigrade plus, there was no way I was going to turn on the oven to bake anything!
Today, well, the weather's been a bit kinder.  Temperature wise anyway.  Precipitation wise it's been very cruel indeed.
Springwood broke its record for the highest daily rainfall with a 122.8mm (4.93in) in a twenty four hour period.
But then, this is Australia! 


  1. They look great Sweetpea :) Hasn't the weather been crazy?


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