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Monday, 9 April 2012

Day 100/366

He bought me red roses, I made him a little gift and we spent the day with family.
Later in the year we plan to do a month's trip to what we call "Corner Country".
The past forty years have been far from humdrum.
Five pregnancies, four to full term, seven addresses, two extensions, two project built and one managed build, countless pets, camping with kids, three day train trips, and much more.
We managed to have at least one child in school continuously for twenty eight years! 
Between us we've parted with three parents and one sibling.
Sometimes it was hard work, very hard work, mostly, it's been exciting, challenging, character forming and lots of fun.
But most of all, it's been rewarding!
We have an orange house on a hill overlooking bushland and four successful children who are oh so different but all oh so ours!
And one gorgeous little Grand Daughter.
What more can one want from life?
And, since we are Sixties Children, we are rewarding ourselves with a flat screen TV and a killer sound system.
I'm already dreaming of watching and listening to countless operas in my own home as well as a travel/nature documentary or two.


  1. Love your story!! Congratulations on 40 years together!!!

  2. What a lovely summary of your life together so far. Congratulations :)


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