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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Day 120/366

Another cold,miserable day with the rain just managing to stay away.
My Daughter and Grand Daughter spent the middle of the day with me at the opening of our local Rural Fire Brigade's station, which is celebrating the opening of the new site.
This is a timely reminder to  prepare properties for the bush fire season which begins in October.
Don't wait until then to prepare.
We have lived in the Blue Mountains for twenty four years now and over that time have come to realise that bush fire protection preparation is an on-going process.
Waiting until there is a fire threatening indicates that things have been left too late.
We will probably apply to have a bush fire hazard reduction certificate issued to implement steps to protect our "asset", that is our home and garden.
Click here if you would like to know more about how to prepare for bush fire season in New South Wales.

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  1. Great photo, I love the contrast and intensity of the colours :)


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