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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

It's Time

There's nothing like a Grand Child to remind you that life's not all that bad and for getting you back into the Christmas spirit!

After a week of seeing the Christmas tree still in its box, sitting in a corner of the lounge room it was time!

In a short space of time it went from this...

To this

Our family owns so many Christmas tree decorations it's almost impossible to put them all on the tree at once.
So usually I have a different colour combination each year.
This is the first year that our Grand Daughter is old enough to really help so I asked her what two or three colours she'd like for the tree.  
We started out with red, blue and gold and ended up with....you guessed it...as MANY decorations as we could fit on the tree!
We stopped when there were no more spots to hang our decorations from.
As we picked out each decoration I told her how old her mum was when we acquired certain decorations and, if they were hand made, who made them.
Our Christmas tree decoration collection started some thirty five years ago.

I guess it's children that help to make Christmas that little bit more special.

I hope that your Christmas plans are all on track.


  1. SMILE!
    What a lovely memory for your grand daughter. We have a huge collection of ordaments - each year we took kids to Kirks & they chose one ordamnet each. Each year is written on the ordamnet.
    Kids make Christmas!

    Love Leanne

  2. Hi Leanne, it's lovely to hear your story. Writing the year on the ornaments is a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing.
    I do this with a Christmas snow dome for our Grand Daughter...which reminds me I haven't done it for 2011!
    I think this year is the first year in thirty five years that we haven't added at least one ornament to the tree. It's been a sad year for us so praying for a brighter 2012!


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