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Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Sometimes our health system gets a big F.
She's not yet thirty.
She has been ill for some months now.
She sees her doctor re rectal bleeding.
It's haemorrhoids.
No improvement.
It's colitis.
Couldn't be bowel cancer...she's too young.
No improvement.
No new diagnoses.
Weight loss is now an issue.
In desperation she takes herself off to see a specialist...at her own expense.
Diagnoses?  Bowel cancer.
Scan is arranged and the promise of operation to remove affected part of bowel is made.
Scan shows that cancer has riddled much of her vital organs...kidneys, lungs,....
She may not see Christmas.


  1. So sad......
    Cancer doesn't take age into consideration, I wish Dr's would understand this. Hugs, Jan

  2. Thanks Jan...your words are comforting...for my family, cancer has played too huge a part this year.


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