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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Goodness, What a day that was!

I was up at seven, and off to do a group walk and meditation at eight with the lovely Naomi at the Infinity Health and Wellness Clinic.  At home I did a spot of ironing before going off to my yoga class.  After lunch I visited my Grand Daughter's school where her class was presenting this week's assembly.  She got to read and talk into the microphone!  What a beautiful and well projected voice she has.  Well done my beautiful girl.
Then I did a spot of shopping and dashed home to cook.
I made yoghurt, icecream, and quince jam.  Quince jam is so easy to make!  I hope it's a favourite. I'll be making this one again.

Then, for dinner I made a vegetable tart using some left over pastry I'd made for the weekend.


  1. I have never tried quince jam! OOh vegetable tart, that looks delicious.

    1. Kath, quince jam is great with cheese, especially blue cheese. It's been a great hit!


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