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Tuesday, 27 May 2014


I can't believe it's twelve months since our last visit to the Light Festival - Vivid - held in Sydney.
Well, I won't admit to visiting the festival yet this year.
Mr Honey Pie and I took an inopportune drive into Sydney to visit Youngest Son and his Fiancée in their new home.  It's been two months since they moved and life is so busy these days we seem to be forever chasing our tails and I was happy when Mr HP took the bull by its horns and organised a visit last Saturday afternoon.
What a  relaxing afternoon we had.  Our Son's apartment is so cozy and this is the first opportunity that they have had as a couple to decorate their own home. I must admit they have done a great job with a very small space.  Once more they have stayed close to the CBD but not so close that they are overwhelmed by it. 
After having dinner and celebrating our future DIL topping her class in Law, we ducked down to Lavender Bay and Milsons Point to see what we could of the festival.
Mr HP was due to work the next day (Sunday) so he was reluctant to walk into Circular Quay, and after last year's experience in the middle of a crowd-crush I didn't push getting closer to the action on a Saturday night.
So here are a few photographs of our adventure and we're hoping to get into the city again soon, on a week night to avoid the crowds.

Watt Park, Lavender Bay.

We walked up and down these stairs, twice in an afternoon...what a workout!

Hebe shrub in flower, Sydney Harbour Bridge from Lavender Bay.

Milsons Point

Sydney Harbour Bridge lighted up for the Light Festival, from Lavender Bay, Quiberie Park.

Milsons Point

Milsons Point


  1. OOh I love those spooky figures!

  2. oh wow that looks like a wonderful trip.To see the lights in person must of been awesome.


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