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Sunday, 20 April 2014

No Show

Miss Six and I got very excited last week, with the prospect of observing a total lunar eclipse; the first of four total lunar eclipses in a row.

We decided to have an impromptu eclipse party so earlier in the day we made some decorations to hang in the trees.

Machine stitching held our 'flowers' together.

The above 'flower' was made from an autumn shoe catalog.

We collected some timber to have a small fire to cook some kebabs and to toast some marshmallows.

And waited for the moon.
It didn't show.
A full moon total eclipse and the moon didn't show.

No show number one.

The next day Little Miss Six and I spent the entire day cooking traditional Easter cakes for Easter Sunday.

And made little packs to hand out to family for our traditional Easter Sunday lunch.

The Easter Rabbit looked after some of our creations until they were needed.

I spent Saturday night preparing food to take to our lunch today.

Eight o'clock this morning, Mr Honey Pie says he doesn't feel well.
Very soon, the paramedics are at the house, followed by the ambulance and Mr arrives at emergency by nine.

The Easter Rabbit for some mysterious reason doesn't arrive at our house today.

No show number two.

And since Mr Honey Pie isn't discharged from emergency until after four this afternoon, we don't get to our family lunch.

No show number three.

I sincerely hope your day was much more enjoyable than ours.

Thankfully, Mr Honey Pie, although still not feeling well, is not seriously ill, and we're hoping that his symptoms are nothing more than the beginnings of a viral infection.

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  1. Oh dear, nothing went as planned did it, but your cakes looked amazing! I do hope Mr HP is on the mend now.


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