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Tuesday, 15 April 2014


I love Autumn.
In Australia we don't do autumn like the northern hemisphere.
Autumn leaves are not the norm, although some villages and gardeners do go for autumnal colours.  But here, where I live in the lower mountains green is the norm.

We have had a very wet autumn this year. 

Some of the downpours have been quite astounding.
The garden is damp and little and not-so-little fungi are popping up everywhere.
Most of my herbs in the herb garden are doing very well thank you very much, especially the thyme which is creating a cascading silver-green carpet in the rockery.

Autumn, is of  course, harvest time.
So our community Crop and Swap celebrated the end of Season Three on Saturday with a community lunch after the final meet for this season.
After each swap I go home feeling very blessed because I'm sure I always go home with more produce than what I bring.
Herbs don't swap very well...only because everyone seems to be quite successful at growing herbs of one sort or the other so I've had to diverge a little think about what else I can take to the swap that will be of use to others.

This month to the swap I took:

6 jars of homemade organic full cream yogurt
Many bars of handmade soap (two types)
5 or 6 Handmade paper garlands
Decorated note book
A posy
A jar of die cut paper butterflies.

I took home
½ a pumpkin
4 potatoes
14 persimmons
11 eggs
A bag of Jerusalem artichokes
3 choko
A bag of tamarillos
A bag of cherry tomatoes
Coconut and cherry slice
2 gluten free blueberry love bombs (aka muffins)(they were to die for by the way).
1 strawberry guava tree
2 punnets of snowpea seedlings
2 cobs of corn
Lemon verbena 
2 limes
6 lemons
1 kids’ cooking book
1 gardening book
A pot of jam 
A bouquet of flowers... 
and a raspberry bush.


Here are some photos I took of the most amazing roses that Paula brought to the March Crop and Swap and which I was the lucky person to take them home.




Our little village, each autumn celebrates the founding of the town of Springwood with a festival.

I think the best part of the festival is the midday parade.

Military Pipe Bands have such a profound affect on me I have been known to cry whilst watching a parade.

The drummers from Hands Heart Feet had people dancing in the street!

And the rain held off just long enough for everyone have a wonderful day!


  1. Great post and wonderful photos. I think I would miss our English autumn, it is my favourite season.

    1. The early settlers brought a lot of their European trees with them Kath...a lot of upper mountains villages look as if they come straight out of an English garden during Autumn.

  2. aww to live in a community that does such swaps would be awesome! I LOVE your idea of a jar filled with butterflies. LOVE!!!!

    1. Leanne, you could start your own! We meet in the council owned community hall and they only run from Oct through to April. It's very laid back!


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