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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Vintage Quilt With A Smidge Of French General...

Or...I Wish I Had A Quilter's Table.

I'm writing this post in between snatches of pinning my quilt layers in readiness for machine quilting.  
Pinning quilt layers must have to be the worst part of making a patchwork quilt!  
Do you agree?  
I can understand why sending a quilt off to a 
long-arm quilter could be so tempting. 

But apart from that, I think this quilt has been my most magical quilt of all so far.  I have been 'planning' it as I go along. Maybe that's a bit of an oxymoron. I don't have a pattern for it and the original squares given to me by my Sister were not identical in size posing a few challenges. 

There is a little story behind this quilt.  My Sister gave me six squares of blue cotton fabric masterfully embroidered and, or appliqued by sewing machine.  

One of the squares has been hand appliqued. (Sturt Desert Pea)

Some of the machined applique is layered and cut to produce a finished image using up to three prints of cotton fabric. (Sun Burst).

These were part of sewing class my Sister attended and she felt she had no use for them so passed them on to me.

At first the only way I could imagine to re-use them was as cushion covers but that is too obvious and I don't really like too obvious.

Shortly after I thought I'd make a quilt with them but life took over and even though I'd purchased a selection of fabrics to add to the squares the project was set aside for many years.

Until this year...

It's my little Sister's sixtieth year this year and I have decided to make the quilt using her blocks and gift to her for her birthday.

I hope she likes it!

The reason I would LOVE a quilter's table is because stretching and pinning a quilt is back-breaking when it's done on the floor!

I purchased my batting about a month ago. (Yes, life got in the way ... again!)
At that point my quilt hadn't quite come together yet...I was still contemplating blocks/sashing/borders but since I was at the quilting supply shop and I didn't know when I'd be back I purchased two metres of batting for this quilt. 
As you can see from the photograph above...it was perfect!!!!! Couldn't believe it.

And here is the quilt top.
Some of the fabrics are scrappy, some are stash busters, and some were purchased just for the quilt. Of course all were very carefully selected to complement the 70s-80s prints my Sister has used in the Australiana themed squares.  At the top right is a frill necked lizard and its frill is actually 3D.
Isn't she clever?

Oh...and the French General?  The four cornerstones were made from a fat quarter I found in my stash.  The colour is perfect. 

Now must get back to my pinning!

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  1. oh I feel the pain just remembering!. The best money I ever spent was 2 folding tables, which when erected, sit side by side to give me a nice big surface. When not in use they sit behind my sewing trolleys.
    I love what you made, the quilt for your sister is going to be a very special gift indeed.

    1. Oh Kath! If only I had the room! I'm tempted to move my craft room up into the loft...but then no one would ever see me!

  2. This is so great! What a fun project to finish up for her. Have you ever tried spray basting? I used to pin but once I discovered spray basting I've never been back. You tape the bottom onto the floor, spray the glue and put the layers together. There are tutorials for it all over.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Julie.
      Spray basting sounds wonderful! Especially since I'm now machine quilting and my neck can only manage 3 or 4 rows at a time. I'll have to investigate!


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